Bootstrap versus Foundation

Ask a front end developer what the best website development framework is and the answer is often, The one I know. Seriously, who has the time to delve into all the competing technologies to do a heads up comparison? Fortunately, in the WordPress universe the community is huge and — (based on my 20+ years in technology) — uniquely open to sharing information.

The website you're reading this on is built on an open source theme called Shoestrap 3. Shoestrap has the option to use either Bootstrap or Foundation as one of its underlying frameworks. I chose Bootstrap for this site because it was the only option available when I built the site — plus I have a very high regard for the Bootstrap codebase. A lot of Bootstrap elements are discussed on this site, for example here and here.

But now Shoestrap supports Foundation (and Sass), so I've been curious about how they compare. Thanks to Adrian at DesignModo, we now have this helpful infographic to speed up the learning curve. If you want to dig deeper, be sure to review the comments to this infographic on designmodo.

Bootstrap versus Foundation Infographic by DesignModo:

Bootstrap vs. Foundation: Which Framework Should You Choose? [Infographic]

2 Responses to “Bootstrap versus Foundation”

  1. Gabriel

    If you are going to use pre-processors, I find that bootstrap is years ahead of foundation. I can easily comment in or out modules I’m not going to use (reducing code bloat) without having to worry about later dependencies. The documentation is also slightly better in some regards – particularly when not working with a pre-processor.

    If you aren’t going to use a pre-processor , than foundation takes the edge in that it is easier to manipulate and modify and extend the base styles of foundation. The problem is that the documentation isn’t quite as good as bootstrap.

    Ultimately I don’t think either is better, it just depends on how you plan to use it.

  2. spkane

    +1 “Ultimately I don’t think either is better, it just depends on how you plan to use it.” .

    Gabriel, thanks for your comment. Valuable info re: code bloat. Many have talked about the two frameworks at WordCamps, meetups, posts and so on but not too many head to head comparisons.


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