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301 Redirects When Migrating WordPress Sites

Recently our team executed a 301 strategy on a site of about 500 pages to preserve SEO and inbound links. Of the eight sites that made up this multisite install only two were in scope, including the main site, which … Continued

Couldn’t Access Dashboard After Updating to WordPress 3.9 on WPEngine

WordPress 3.9 Fix After updating to WordPress 3.9 I couldn’t access the WordPress Dashboard. Specifically, I couldn’t get past the following screen to access the dashboard: The solution for me was to perform the following 3 steps. Note that every … Continued

6 Quick Examples of Shoestrap v3.2 Menu Options

Here are examples of the 6 basic Menu Style Options for Top Nav and Secondary menus in Shoestrap 3. This is meant to be a fast visual overview and uses only a small set of the menu options available. Menu … Continued

A 5 Minute Jump-Start to the Shoestrap 3 Theme

Shoestrap 3 WordPress Theme Why Shoestrap 3? I'm Stephen Kane and I've built hundreds of WordPress websites with scores of different themes. Shoestrap 3 is WordPress Developer Nirvana and it's my new favorite theme for developing custom WP sites. Shoestrap … Continued

Using Gravity Forms with the Permatex Theme for WordPress

This post assumes you’re familiar with WordPress and WordPress Child Themes as well as html, css, and php. Switching Permatex Landing Page Theme Forms If you’re using the Permatex landing page theme (Webfactoryltd via ThemeForest) — and want to switch … Continued