Google, fix your geeky payment alert process!

Google wins my vote for most confusing payment editing process

This morning I had to update the billing information for my Google Apps account. Their confusing process had me scratching my head and wondering if I was even on the right site – (I wasn’t, initially).

Got Drunk (not) and Lost Card

Let’s start at the beginning. Two weeks ago I left my credit card at a winery in Temecula. (No really —had one glass, with lunch) The silver lining of losing one’s card is it forces an audit of all the reaccuring billing arrangements you’ve agreed to long ago and have since forgotten. It’s usually straightforward to update sites with your new card number. But not with Google.

Google Email Too Wordy & Not Helpful

First Google’s email alerting you that your card has been declined is way too wordy and linky — and apt to send you (incorrectly) to a Google Wallet link. Secondly, their process forces you to read through a whole lot of sh*t before hinting that the Google Apps Admin Control Panel is where you have to go to edit payment info. Lastly, the Admin Control Panel in Google Apps is way too complicated to find for the casual user, who may only need to visit it on a very infrequent basis. Believe me, finding it is NOT intuitive.

Google is Good but Payment Alert Process is Pathetic

I may sound like I have it in for Google. I don’t. Google is an awesome company. A company with courage and foresight and engineering creativity. So PLEASE Google, if you are reading this, fix your payment alerts process.

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