Hire Me to Build Your Custom WordPress Website

Hire Me to Build Your Custom WordPress Website



Let's talk about your vision — the reason for the website. This vision will drive your strategy and the scoping and execution of your project.

Once we're clear on what you want the site to do and who the target audience is, we can start scoping out the best, most cost-effective solution.



Scoping goes hand in hand with your budget. Budget is where your wishes and desires meet the reality of what is affordable now.

Websites range in scope (and cost) from the Taj Mahal to a studio apartment. Fortunately, with WordPress sites, we can build studio apartments that can scale to something much much bigger.



With an understanding of project scope, timeline and budget we can agree on a plan for the Realization of your website.

The goal is to develop a site that is on time, on budget and with no surprises.

Ready? Let's set a time to discuss your project!

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