Options theme breaks on upgrade to WordPress 4.6

If your site’s theme is Options by CurtyCurt, you may want to read this post before upgrading to WordPress 4.6 or later – or PHP 5.2 or later.

Today’s episode of WPwatercooler talked about the importance of backing up your site regularly — and especially immediately before upgrading plugins, themes or WordPress itself.

For users who bought the popular WordPress Options theme on Themeforest a couple of years ago, you probably already know that it is no longer being actively supported and in fact is no longer findable on Themeforest.

The good news is — backup or not — your broken site is easily fixable.

Here’s the advice I received from CurtyCurt:

...locate the following file via ftp and download to your desktop

Delete the first function:
function has_shortcode

And then upload/overwrite the file on your server, this will clear up that error.

This works great. If you have this issue with Options but are not sure how to implement the above fix, shoot me a comment.

Post Script:

Option theme breaks after upgrade to PHP

PHP 5.2 has been unsupported for some time. Many hosting companies, like BlueHost, are forcing clients to upgrade to the latest PHP release. Upgrading your PHP to the current release is a good idea — for security and functional reasons — but sites running the Options theme by CurtyCurt will break. White screen of death type breaking.

The problem is in the Base.php file. (../options/framework/plug-ins/portfolio/lib/wp-framework/Base.php). If you’re handy debugging php, start with Base.php.

If you want to subscribe to this blog, you can get a download of a PHP 5.4 version of base.php.

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17 Responses to “Options theme breaks on upgrade to WordPress 4.6”

  1. Dave

    That fix does not work for me. Just verified that I had that function commented out. I saw the fix on the themeforest site. Any other ideas?

    • spkane

      Dave – What release of WP are you on? Describe the error you’re getting in detail.

      • Dave

        I just upgraded to 3.6.1 but it wasn’t working with 3.4.2 either so it’s definitely a PHP upgrade problem. The site is just blank. I am trying to find the specific error log but can’t seem to locate the exact problem. I have commented out the has_shortcode. I cannot even load into the admin area….. Any ideas? I can switch to the 2011 theme and all works fine. It’s definitely with the options theme…..

        Will a Call-time pass-by-reference cause a catastrophic halt?

  2. spkane

    Dave –

    Sounds like it’s related to your php upgrade. The problem is most likely related to Base.php ( ../options/framework/plug-ins/portfolio/lib/wp-framework/Base.php).

    If you’re handy at debugging, start there. Or reach out to the developer (Curty Curt) for a fix. It’s an unsupported theme, so expect to pay an hour’s support.

    Hope this helps.

    • Dave

      You are correct. Tracked to the Base.php…. Commented out the function public static function handle_form…. It all works ok. Not sure if this will be a permanent fix but I am not using any WP forms on that site…

      Thanks a lot for the feedback! I appreciate the help!


    • Jaimin

      yesterday I had upgraded to php 5.4 from 5.2 to install Joomla 3 on on of my domain and my one WP site on which I had installed options theme is down 🙁
      After searching a lot i came here and found may be it is solution but it didn’t work. I had commented whole function (Also deleted after it didn’t work) public static function handle_form from file options/framework/plug-ins/portfolio/lib/wp-framework/Base.php but my both tries failed. I am just getting white screen of death as I apply theme. Any other handy solution? or Dave can you provide me your Base.php file?

  3. Jaimin

    A quick update to both of you i want to thanks to you both from heart. I didn’t deleted the function has_shortcode from wp-content/themes/options/framework/functions/common.php file after after deleting both function it workssssssssssssss 😀

    You had saved my hours and $$ thanks again to both of you.

    TO all other user Who come here after search just do both changes and it will surely work.

  4. spkane

    I just received this from someone named “Cate”:

    “wordpress theme Options upgrading to WP 3.7. I tried the edit the the comment.php page and the site did not update properly. It is currently white page. I then have gone and reuploaded my database and now still down.”

    Cate, read the post again. The file you want to modify is common.php not comment.php.

  5. Cate

    So Bluehost updated to PHP 5.4 and the site was the white screen of death.
    I tried entering the first base.php edit suggestion but didn’t solve it. I then reviewed the error page and it indicated the line 777, with the error. I deactivated that one line and I will be darned… I am up and running.
    Thanks everybody. You Rock. Specific comments from spkane and Dave really helped me.

    // call_user_func($callback, &$form_vo);

  6. Caleb Jones

    You saved my life.. thanks a million!

  7. amit

    saved me!! thanks

  8. Karen

    Thanks so much! This post was a life saver!!


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