How to Remove Superfish Ads from Your Browser

Removing Superfish from Google Chrome Browsers

Check out the following image. On it I explain how to permanently remove the spammy ads that Superfish foists on unsuspecting visitors to your website.


From reading the image you see that the ads appear on your site via a script that comes packaged with some extension that got added to your browser. The nefarious part is that it probably got added without your knowledge and it’s not listed in your browser extensions as Superfish, so getting rid of it can be a challenge. On my site, Superfish got into my browser when I wanted to add a Pinterest icon to my toolbar. Superfish was sneakily bundled into the extension and by the time I began to notice the ads, I’d forgotten all about the Pinterest extension.

Note: the extension that’s embedding Superfish on your site might not be the same as for me. To remove Superfish from yours, try disabling active extensions one by one until the ads go away.

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3 Responses to “How to Remove Superfish Ads from Your Browser”

  1. M Wagstaff

    Absolutely brilliant. Thank you for that useful info. I tried virus scanners ad blockers and still the ad was popping its ugly head up. Now after disabling the extensions the crap is no more. Thanks again.

  2. Marika

    I’ve just disabled the Chrome Pin it button, let’s see if this helps. What I’ve also read on another site was to check the Options feature (if there is one) for each extension and disable if a shopping assistant is ticked by default. I hate this shopping cr*ppy spam!


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